Co-Producer Syed Musharraf Shah:

Syed Musharraf Shah has been a freelance field producer and stringer in Pakistan for the past 7 years. He has worked with various national and international film crews, including BBC and Channel 4 to help them with location scouting and figuring out logistics in Pakistan. Skilled in helping film crews gain access into communities that are hard to reach, he was Field Producer for a Channel 4 documentary, Pakistan's Streets of Shame. The film premiered at Sheffield Doc Fest and several other documentary film festivals, and has won several awards. He has also worked as a Field Producer for Mohammed Ali Naqvi’s film Happy Things In Sorrow Times, inspired by best-selling author Tehmina Durrani's book of the same name.

His family is spread out in the tribal areas of Afghanistan, the tribal areas of Pakistan, Swat Valley (hometown of the recent Noble Laureate, Malala Yousafzai) and Peshawar. He is fluent in Pashtu and Urdu. He was instrumental in gaining access to Maulana Abdul Aziz Ghazi for Among the Believers.