Among the Believers Press Breaks

“A superb documentary that offers an unfettered look at life inside and surrounding the extremist Red Mosque madrassa system… at once deeply scary when it comes to what it may presage about the future, and thoroughly enlightening.” - AM New York

 “I found it alarming, but most of all I found I illuminating.” - BBC’s Owen Gleibermen

 “Directors Hemal Trivedi and Mohammed Ali Naqvi, from India and Pakistan, came together to create what might just be the biggest and the most important films of the year.”- Rida Sadiq - Brandsynario

 “an eye-opening behind the scenes portrait of the Red Mosque.” - Marlow Stern, The Daily Beast

 “Among the Believers might also qualify as Tribeca’s scariest film this year. Boasting incredible access, directors Hemal Trivedi and Mohammed Ali Naqvi are invited into Red Mosque.” - 12 must-see premieres at Tribeca, Entertainment Weekly.

“Though the directors don’t shy away from describing the pain wrought by the Red Mosque… they also provide a look at Pakistanis fighting to pull their country back from the disturbing path it’s gone down.” - Film-Forward.

 “Their film unveils the pressing ideological clash between moderate and fundamentalist Muslims, a divide plaguing much of the Muslim world.” - Flavorpill

“Filmmakers Mohammed Naqvi and Hemal Trivedi are granted extraordinary access to the Red Mosque madrassa network, which teaches its young pupils to learn the Quran and then die for it. The film doesn’t scrimp on the scary details, though some hope is offered in the counterpoint of one poor educator trying to build and run a real school, and the stories of those who are speaking out against the system. A remarkable peek.” - Flavorwire

 “One of 2015’s most important films” — Aseem Chhabra, India Abroad

 “This expose of schools teaching religious extremism in Pakistan is both infuriating and remarkable for the degree of access obtained by the trenchant filmmakers.” – Casey Cipriani, Indiewire

 “The kind of film that’s actually useful in the debate about terrorism.” – 14 terrific films to see at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, Metro NY

“With uncommon access, this gripping documentary about the notorious Red Mosque — a religious organization that runs a network of jihadist madrassas in Pakistan — reveals how those preaching zealotry, intolerance, and repression can insinuate themselves into desperately poor, hungry communities.” - New York Magazine, Vulture

 “one of this year's most talked about films.” - Rediff

 “‘Among The Believers’ will test your faith.” “a riveting documentary, “ beautifully balanced” - Reel News Daily

A “disturbing portrait of obsession, with very real and cataclysmic political consequences.” “a glimpse into a world rarely seen so up close and personal.”-  Robert Ebert

 “‘Among the Believers” robes ideological rift behind Pakistan violence.” – Maria Caspani, Reuters

“Revelatory and troubling, Among the Believers probes into the origins of religious violence” “There’s enough cinema in Among the Believers to set it a step above solid respectable investigation. Production values are excellent – sometimes elegant — for a subject that has put cameramen and a lot of Pakistan on the run.” 

“There’s enough cinema in Among the Believers to set it a step above solid respectable investigation.”

– David D’Arcy, Screen Daily

 “Among the Believers” takes viewers to the frontlines of an ideological battle playing out in the Islamic world that receives little coverage in the Western media.”

“Among the Believers excels at capturing the personalities and ideologies behind this vital struggle for the hearts and minds of Pakistan's children.” - Slant

“A rare insight into the ideological battle shaping Pakistan and the Muslim world”  - The Express Tribune

“Pakistan's infamous Red Mosque, seen from the inside… Taking Western audiences into communities we can hardly be expected to understand solely through conventional news coverage, Among the Believers goes to school where young Pakistanis' elementary education focuses less on basic life skills than on instilling a militaristic, extreme interpretation of the Koran.” — The Hollywood Reporter

"Despite the hot-button nature of their material, the filmmakers strive to keep their tone evenhanded…” 

"The filmmaker captures a man of contradictions.” -  The Wall Street Journal

"Defined by its jaw-dropping access, Hemal Trivedi and Mohammed Ali Naqvi’s sobering new documentary drops viewers into the heart of an organization known as the Red Mosque, a network of madrassas that aims to spread its jihadist ideology by targeting the most vulnerable Pakistanis:  lower-class children." - Time Out New York

“With unprecedented access to major players, this documentary clearly follows the bloody power struggle between Muslim extremists and secular leaders for control of Pakistani children’s education.”

“The bloody power struggle between Muslim extremists and secular leaders for control of Pakistani children’s education receives clear, dramatically up-close expression in “Among the Believers.” “chills to the bone.” - Variety

"...a shocking examination of the extremist movement in Pakistan." - Way Too Indie