Director/Producer/Editor Hemal Trivedi:


Hemal is a Mumbai and New York City based documentary films’ editor / director for over a decade. Her credits include: Outlawed in Pakistan (Editor, Emmy-2014, PBS-Frontline, Sundance); Saving Face (Editor, Oscar-2012, Two Emmys-2013, HBO/Channel 4); Shabeena’s Quest (Director/Editor, Witness, Al Jazeera); Flying on One Engine (Editor, SXSW, IDFA); Laughter (Editor, BBC); When the Drum is Beating (Editor, ITVS, Tribeca 2011); and Beyond Mumbai (Director, Camera & Editor, OWN, 2011 Webby nomination). She has produced and edited over 50 award-winning shorts for Odyssey Networks.


Director's Statement: Upon losing a friend in the Mumbai terrorist attacks of 2008, I sought to understand the root cause of these attacks that were carried out from Pakistan. After careful study, I realized that ordinary Pakistanis are themselves victims rather than perpetrators. The same extremist elements who carried out the attacks in Mumbai are actually terrorizing their own people on a daily basis, and the country’s very survival is at stake. I started filming in Pakistan in 2009. In 2010 I collaborated with producer Jonathan Goodman Levitt and Pakistani filmmaker Mohammed Ali Naqvi, and together we have been filming this ideological conflict that is ripping the country apart and causing it to implode.